Private Sessions

Helping you reach your goals at your own pace.

Whether you are a yoga beginner or already deep in your practice and wish to develop, even more, or maybe you would like to work on a specific asana, learn the basics, or just jump into a Yoga Flow?

The private yoga sessions are tailored specially for your needs and pace. Keeping the focus on developing and strengthening your yoga practice. 

The Private sessions take place or at OHANA in Neustadt. Due to our current situation, an Online session is also available. 


*For all Online Private or Group sessions, you'll get 15% off the regular price!

Single 1:1

60 minutes  --   70€ / 60€*

75 minutes  --  80€ / 70€*

90 minutes  -- 100€ / 90€*

*price for students/trainees/if the pocket is kinda short!

Group of 2

60 minutes  -- 130€ 

75 minutes  -- 150€ 

90 minutes  -- 180€ 

for each extra person +15€

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