Helping you to reach your goals at your own pace.

Whether you are a yoga beginner or already deep in your practice and wish to develop, even more, my private sessions are aimed for your development.

The private yoga sessions are tailored specially for your needs and pace. Still keeping the focus on developing and strengthening your yoga practice.

Private Online Sessions may be: 

livestream yoga classes via Zoom

or in Person (if you live in Hamburg)

Duration of each class 60 Minutes

What you'll get in every session?

- Class tailored around your goals, needs,

and focus on your practice.

- Awareness of the correct alignment and 

activation of the right muscles.

- Support and coaching all the way through our journey.

- Tips and tricks.

Prior to booking our class, I will consult with you in order to know your goals, and so prepare the class on your special request.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate on contacting me.

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