Budokon Mobility Basics Workshop

Let's ride the Momentum!



Our main focus during this Workshop is to train and expand your range of movement of your hips, shoulders, and spine through mobility-based drills and skills. Movements that build strength, flexibility, creating healthy soft tissue around your bones. Learn how to locomote, transition, and get the freedom to stay in the flow.


I will guide you and break down the 5 Primary Mobility positions. You'll be moving from one primary position to the other using joint mobility. Budokon Mobility combines a wide variety of movements influenced by yoga, martial arts, animal locomotion, dance, and free movement forms. 


We'll learn how to construct different movement patterns, take them apart again, continue them or even return to them. A large part of this movement training also deals with the mobility of your joints. Techniques are learned through repetition and precision, with a focus on fine-tuning your movement and learning new moves.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.  


Date:      May 8, 2021

Place:     Online from OHANA

Time:      14:30 - 16:30

Price:       €29


*For bookings you will be redirected to our BUDOKON Hamburg Site.