Let's Fly Workshop
at TRIBE Yoga Base

Kakasana, Bakasana & Co.
Level 1
TRIBE Yoga Base Ottensen
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Join me for this fun and interactive Arm Balancing Level 1 Workshop. 

Would you like to work your way on to arm balances in a way that will get you flying higher and more confident than you've ever gotten before? No matter where you are in your arm balance practice, there will be something for you to learn and practice.

Come and join me for this arm balancing workshop where you will learn the basic foundations, activating the right muscles, reaching for alignment, and also making use of props to adapt each pose to your level of practice. Expect to build strength, a deeper understanding of alignment and technique, and have fun in the process.

What we will cover:

In this workshop, I will:

  •  Break down the anatomy of each arm balance,

  • Build the strength, openness, and stability in your body parts required to balance on your hands with greater mindfulness and ease

  • Teach you ways to modify or advance the postures to suit your body; and

  • Safely and effectively get you into poses you never thought you could.

  • Let you discover and explore how the poses follow certain patterns that you find in your daily yoga practice, for example, cat/cow - chaturanga dandasana - downward-facing dog - chair pose, and more...

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals of balancing on your hands.

  • How to warm up for success.

  • How to use props and the wall to support your arm balances.

  • Strength-building drills to enhance your whole physical practice.

  • A deeper understanding into, and the commonalities of, all arm balances.

  • Increased confidence to try arm balances on your own.





Why Arm Balances?  What are some of the benefits?

  • Encourage self-esteem, self-confidence 

  • Balances the Body-Mind-Soul

  • Tones the Body

  • Strengthens the body and shoulder joints

Asana which we'll work:

  • Crow (and variations)

  • Baby Crow

  • Side Crow (and variations)

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is perfect for those looking to:

  • Improve and learn arm balances.

  • Improve strength and stability in the arms, shoulders, chest, and core.

  • Enhance their understanding of arm balances anatomy.

  • Bring balance to both body and mind.

  • Get stronger in their yoga practice, and work towards more challenging postures.

  • Workshop is suitable for all levels.

We will have enough time to break down the asanas, ask & answer questions, time to practice and be playful. 

So if you are interested in learning a bit more, than just a flight mode, I'll see you hopefully soon!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate on asking!


Date:             21.08.22 

Hour:           12:30 - 14:30

Place:           TRIBE Yoga Base - Ottensen

Investment:     €39


For bookings send me an email at winnie@wimanuco-yoga.com

If you are interested in Level 2 & Level 3 Let's Fly Workshop, just stay tuned! More info's coming your way!!

*This Workshop will be held in german.


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