Budokon Yoga Workshops

Discover Budokon more deeply and join me in one of my upcoming Workshops.

During the Workshops, I will guide you through the signature Budokon movements, for example: Cobra Roll, Rolling Wave, Coiling Dragon’ breaking down every section step by step and finalizing it with a strong powerful flow. 


  BDK Yoga 5 Module Workshop:

 - Introduction into the Budokon System

 - Learn and deepen the knowledge of the signature Budokon techniques

 - Build strength and inner and outer balance.


Budokon Workshops



BDK Yoga Workshop

Module 1

at nordlichtYOGA in Hamburg



BDK Yoga Workshop

Module 2

at nordlichtYOGA in Hamburg

August 22nd

BDK Yoga Workshop

Module 3

at nordlichtYOGA in Hamburg

September 5th

BDK Yoga Workshop

Module 4

at nordlichtYOGA in Hamburg

September 19th

BDK Yoga Workshop

Module 5

at nordlichtYOGA in Hamburg

Charity-Based Events

Crunch and Brunch

Crunch & Brunch is a community concept throughout Europe, that combines all elements of a healthy lifestyle under one roof.

Our main focus is raising awareness whether it's in our working space or our personal life.

On our events you will enjoy not only good company but also this nice Combo:

- Body Weight Workout

- Budokon Yoga

- Yin Yoga

- Balanced Meal

Charity-Based Event

We just don't think on your well-being, but also on others. We work hand-in-hand with 'Kids Hamburg e.V'

All our charity earnings go to the association located in Hamburg.

KIDS Hamburg eV is committed to the Basic Law, human and children's rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 

The associations work at KIDS Hamburg eV are the following:

  • Information and advice

  • Child and youth work

  • Educational offers

  • Public relations, advocacy, awareness raising

Crunch & Brunch 

Charity Events

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