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A dream that started with the greatest wish of my Sister Sibille Quentin of attending a Budokon Yoga class in Hamburg, that has been running around in our heads and hearts for quite a while now.


After lots of workshops, classes, and life-changing teacher trainings, I finally came to my dream of also teaching Budokon Yoga.

The two of us, together with all our Budokon students represent Budokon Hamburg. We bow to our teachers, friends, and founder of Budokon Kancho Cameron Shayne and Melayne Shayne.


join us, join the team, be part of our community, and experience a life-changing practice.




grow.Raum für Wachstum

Karolinenstraße 7a

20357 Hamburg



Try Budokon Hamburg 10€

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10 Blockcard  115€

+ 49 17649492399

Habichtstrasse 96

22305 Hamburg, Germany