'Yoga is like Music:

the Rythm of the Body,

the Melody of the Mind,

and the Harmony of the Soul

create the Symphony of Life.'

-B.K.S. Iyengar


Hi, I'm Winnie, a native of Honduras

 living in Hamburg, Germany for the past 14 years.

I started my yoga journey in 2016, due to a stressful time. I practiced at home with online courses, they helped me sooo much, which led to a daily 2hr practice. 

I loved my journey and the feelings, so 1 year later I decided to deepen my practice and jumped into a 200hr Vinyasa Power Yoga Teacher Training. 

6 Months later, I found my Passion. Budokon Movement System! Thanks to my siblings Sibille Quentin and Henry Neumann.

 I decided to focus more on what made me happy, do something I love, knowing I can connect with people through the eyes, through the soul,

through movement.


Let's find freedom, let's flow through life with an open mind, and let's reconnect and evolve to find the best and more powerful YOU.

I’d be more than happy to see you in one of my classes at the Studio or Online!


50 Hours Rocket Yoga
(Indaba Yoga, UK)
(Leon London & Maayan Shenhar)

          100 Hours Budokon Yoga & Mobility          
(Budokon University Miami, USA)
(Cameron & Melayne Shayne)

50 Hours Budokon Yoga 
(Nürnberg, Germany)
(Cameron & Melayne Shayne)

200 Hours Vinyasa Power Yoga 

(UNIT Yoga Hamburg, Germany)

Winnie Collins

Certified Yoga Teacher

22305 Hamburg, Germany